Earn Money!

Apex fully supports commercial packages allowing you to instantly begin earning money from your code today. You define the price of your packages, and all payments are sent directly to your PayPal / bitcoin address with no middle man or waiting period.

How it Works

After registration you may login to your Apex account and via the Accept Payments menu you will be able to define which payment methods you would like to accept. Upon marking your package(s) commercial (see below), anyone from the public will be able to purchase your package at:


You may view the Pay Demo purchase page for an example. Logged in users will have the option to purchase your package using any of the payment methods you opted to accept, and upon successful payment will be immediately granted read-only access to your package's repository allowing them to install it on their local Apex installation.

Please note, Apex takes a 20% fee of all commercial sales. if the user purchases via crypto-currency, a unique payment address for the order will be generated and upon payment being received, your 80% will be immediately forwarded to the payment address / BIP32 public key you defined in your account.

If the user purchases via PayPal, they will be redirected to the PayPal payment page and the funds will be sent directly to the PayPal e-mail address you defined in your account. However, in order to accept PayPal you must have a positive balance in your Apex account to cover the 20% fees for all sales. If your Apex account balance goes below the 20% fee the PayPal payment option will not be available on the payment page.

Mark Your Packages Commercial

If you are not already familiar with Apex, please check out the Develop Your First Package guide to gain a basic understanding. As stated in that guide, every package you create will have a configuration file at /etc/Alias/package.yml. To mark a package as commercial, simply change the access variable within the general section of the package.yml file to commercial and define the desired price. For example:

  description: My Package
  access: commercial
  price: 89.95
  price_recurring: 19.95
  price_interval: M6
  type: package

Simply change the access to commercial, then define the price as desired. You may optionally set a recurring subscription fee by defining the price_recurring and price_interval variables, and the user will not be able to install any upgrades unless they maintain the subscription payments. The interval is one character (D = days, W = weeks, M = months, Y = years) followed by the number. For example, M3 = 3 months, W2 = two weeks, D30 = 30 days, and so on.

Start Earning Money!

That's all there is to it. Set your creativity free, and develop anything you desire -- eCommerce, online dating, marketing tools, social media, or anything else. Then sit back, and watch additional sales and income flow your way. If you have any questions or need help of any kind, don't hesitate to post on the /r/apexpl sub Reddit for a prompt and helpful response.