Earn Money!

As an Apex developer, you can generate revenue by marking your packages as commercial and listing them on the integrated marketplace at your desired prices. Here's how it works:

  • Develop packages consisting of any functionality you desire and believe has potential.
  • Modify the package configuration, mark it as commercial, define your desired price (including an optional recurring fee and interval), and optionally set the maximum number of servers the package can be installed on before additional installs must be requested from you.
  • Define the content of the sales page/copy, which can be anything you like.
  • Commit the package, which will create the repository within the central package repository if it doesn't already exist, and instantly list it on the integrated marketplace, putting it behind a paywall on the code.apexpl.io site.
  • In your Apex account settings, define the payment methods you accept, including PayPal, Stripe, and various cryptocurrencies.
  • You will earn 70% of all sales and recurring fees generated by your commercial packages.

When someone purchases a package, they will immediately receive a license ID, which they will be prompted for during the installation of Apex to verify they have permission to install the package. If you have set a maximum number of servers they may install the package on and they reach that limit, the installation will be denied until they manually contact you, and you have increased their install limit.

All fiat payments, such as PayPal and Stripe, will be sent directly to you versus Apex acting as the middleman. Cryptocurrency payments will be stored within your online Apex wallet but can be instantly withdrawn at any time of your choosing by logging into your Apex account.

>h3?PayPal / Stripe Payments

Within your Apex account settings, you may define which payment methods you accept, including PayPal and Stripe. For both, all payments will be sent directly to your account, rather than being sent to Apex as a middleman. However, to accept these payment methods, you must maintain a positive balance within your Apex account to cover the 30% fees; otherwise, the payment methods will not be displayed on the checkout form of your commercial packages.